Congregational Church of Canton & Viridian Energy 

Did you know…

that the production of electricity pollutes our environment more than all of the cars and trucks on the road combined?  The Congregational Church of Canton is committed to reducing the carbon footprint in the greater Canton area and there’s a simple way you can help.

The Congregational Church of Canton is working with Viridian Energy, a local green energy provider, to promote renewable energy while raising funds for our faith community and ministries. It’s an easy, affordable way to do something better for the environment and for the church you love.

Viridian Energy-the choice that makes a difference, across town and across the globe!

How Does It Work?

When you sign up for Viridian as your supplier, your electric service (a.k.a. carrier) will remain the same. You’ll receive the same bill from NSTAR or National Grid, as well as continue contacting them for power outages or customer service needs. It’s free and simple to enroll. Plus, every time you pay your monthly bill, Congregational Church of Canton earns money, too. Support the Congregational Church of Canton and green energy with money you’re already spending.

Click here to see how one simple choice can make a big difference in so many ways.

Still have questions? Click on FAQs or feel free to call toll free 866-663-2508.

Become a Customer Today!

For every person who enrolls as a Viridian customer, Congregational Church of Canton will receive income AND make a positive environmental impact. Our goal is to avoid 50 million pounds in carbon emissions simply from our congregants and friends choosing affordable green energy.  That’s the equivalent of the carbon sequestered by 500,000 trees or recycling over 114 million 12-oz. aluminum cans.  With your help, we can do it.

             All you need is a recent electric bill and about five minutes of your time.              

To sign up, click here for Congregational Church of Canton’s Viridian enrollment webpage.

IMPORTANT: Please supply your information EXACTLY as noted on your current bill.

Your participation WILL make a difference.  Assisting the church to reach out and pursue our covenant to love God and our neighbors as ourselves, those nearby and far away. Also helping repair and sustain our fragile home, Planet Earth by choosing greener energy.  For both we are grateful, to you and to God.  Thank you!