“Going to the chapel and we’re – gonna get married.”   Or so The Dixie Cups sang in 1964.  Most of us, when we “get engaged”, begin thinking about our “big day”.  Although marriage is a secular institution (it is the state that grants marriage licenses), it is also a sacred one: we hold services in church to have our unions blessed by God.  The Congregational Church of Canton is a great place to hold your nuptial celebration.

Our pastor works carefully with couples to construct memorable services.  He purposely makes it personal.  Your guests will depart for the reception feeling as if they were participants, not just witnesses; they will feel as if they were invited into this sacred moment in your life, not that they were watching the same old same old or a romantic movie.

We have both a sanctuary for traditional services and a chapel for less formal, smaller celebrations.  We also have an organist and soloists to augment your ceremony.

If we can be of further service to you as you plan your wedding, please contact our pastor, Dr. John Tamilio III, at pastor@cc-cantonma.org, or call the office at (781) 828-2131.